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What is steaming

What is a Yoni and Lingam Steam

and how does it work?

Yoni (Vaginal) & Lingam (Prostate) Steaming

A Yoni (Vaginal) and Lingam (Prostate) steam is an ancient practice that provides gentle and effective support for overall wellness. Steaming involves sitting over a steaming pot of water that often contains added herbs. Vaginal steaming allows the herbs to penetrate vaginal tissues and offer a variety of benefits.

Prostate (Lingam) Steaming

Prostate (Lingam) Steaming is the Sanskrit word for penis and translates to “wand of light.” The steam works to soften tense pelvic floor muscles, ease prostate issues as well as stimulate circulation and cleansing in the pelvic bowl.

Yoni (Vaginal) & Lingam (Prostate) Steaming Service

The treatment typically lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. It is the body’s imperative method to be as healthy and efficient as possible. While it is true that your uterus and vagina are self-cleaning and self-regulating organs, yoni steaming is a natural way of ensuring that your body functions optimally. This practice brings a reconnection to the spiritual aspects of body and the potent energy that lies within.


It is not only an opportunity for you to celebrate and cherish our bodies, it is a tool for taking back ownership of our personal health, and for utilizing the wisdom of our ancestors to support and nourish our well-being today. Enjoy these services and much more here at Petals and Stems Spa.

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